Aviation Unmanned is a veteran-owned company comprised of highly experienced, prior military UAS Instructor Pilots who have operated complex UAS platforms throughout the world. We have provided years of formal UAS flight training to both DoD and international aircrew. Additionally, all our operators are FAA pilots as well as manufacturer-certified instructors on numerous commercially available UAS platforms.

We have leveraged our military and civilian experience into partnerships with select UAS manufacturers, Universities, and public agencies. This broad reach enables us to satisfy a multitude of customer needs including research and development, system acquisitions, operations support, and training development and execution. Whatever your needs, we can quickly piece together the necessary team to exceed your expectations.

Our advanced capabilities allows us to seamlessly incorporate UAS assets into a variety of missions including disaster and emergency response, infrastructure security, safety inspections, search and rescue, agricultural applications and many others. Our professional team is ready to integrate this robust technology into your operations in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective manner.

UAS will soon be the gold standard for inspecting critical areas of the energy industry infrastructure due to increased flexibility, capability, and safety. Aviation Unmanned provides operators with unmatched experience, expertise, and professionalism. Their services allow me to increase efficiencies and safety throughout our many operations.

Ruben Martin,
President and CEO

Martin Midstream Partners


  • Aerial mapping/ photography (color photography) PIX 4D
  • Agricultural Mapping (color, multispectural, hyperspectural)
  • ISR (Intelligence , Surveillance, Reconnaissance) – Live video feed, High res. digital imagery
  • R&D – Martin UAV flies your experiment/sensor


  • Flight training
  • Aircraft design
  • Flight control system design (hardware, software, and control systems)
  • Sensor systems (stabilized gimbals, aerial photography)
  • Air and ground system software design
  • Aerial mapping
  • Image stitching and geo-location
  • PCC Training
  • CRM Training