Texas A&M Conducts Drone Research Mission
February 2, 2014
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Aviation Unmanned Press Release

The chances of having your extra large, extra cheese, thick-crust pizza delivered by an unmanned aircraft are probably slim.  But it’s possible.

The commercial uses for drones are wide and varied.  From the highly speculative delivery of pizza or dry cleaning, to farmland management, real estate marketing, civil protection and land surveys.

The founders of Aviation Unmanned headquartered in Dallas, Texas recognized the opportunities and the benefits of unmanned aircraft and its commercial applications last year.

Owned and operated by highly experienced pilots with backgrounds in both military and commercial aviation, Aviation Unmanned is on the cutting edge of the civilian UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) market. This rapidly burgeoning industry has been received with both enthusiasm, and a healthy dose of skepticism.  The very word “drone” conjures up an image of war, death, destruction, and at best, an invasion of privacy.

The Aviation Unmanned Team however, is ready to demonstrate the very practical and positive capabilities of the UAS.   They bring to the industry a unique combination of well-rounded aviators equipped with the skills and the mindsets to execute a very wide range of commercial operations.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit our new website www.aviationunmanned.com the future has just arrived!