Aviation Unmanned is operational with one SUAS Quadrotor system and three medium UAS fixed wing systems. A customized Suburban allows our pilots to operate for up to 24 hours with no external support. This allows us to meet our customers requirements in nearly any environment.

Our services are performed using these state of the art unmanned systems and are flown by FAA certified pilots. We provide any number of solutions for your inspection needs, and our professional staff works with you every step of the way to identify your requirements. Some of the products we offer include:

  • High Definition daytime video
  • Still Imagery
  • Infrared video and imagery
  • Thermal imagery
  • Communication with crews during inspection
  • Report including images and recommendations if desired
  • Emergency management
  • Pix4D Mapping

The service you receive will be unobtrusive to your current operations and highly detailed, all while increasing safety in every aspect. Contact Us for more information about how Aviation Unmanned can evaluate your current infrastructure to see where our UAS can enhance your operations.